Following the wisdom of my ancestors, I walk the words to find the truth. Words are a path, the spaces between are the destination. To find a way between the words, you must walk the path and hear the deafening roar of silence.

"Who has not listened to hear the secret
stories of the land whisper from ruins or
forests, or the pages of ancient texts?"

Ari Berk~

Monday, March 30, 2009

Absolute Zero

Today is the launch of my blog. My best friend was just diagnosed with breast cancer. This space is dedicated to her and the journey we will take together. It will be my safe haven for musing, raging, ranting, and hopefully healing. I shall try to live my own message - I will begin to walk the words in order to find the space between and take away whatever wisdom is revealed on any given day. Today the brush has been cleared, so now I must set out on this unknown path - following in the footsteps of all who have gone before me.

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